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Recap - The Engaged Organization Webcast

We'd like to thank everyone who attended today's session on "Embedding employee engagement into the DNA of your business." To summarize, we addressed 14 practical requirements that embed employee engagement into the core of an organization and how it functions.  culture, its structure and how it functions. We had an excellent discussion and interactive session - in addition to our prepared content, we also covered these important and insightful questions posed by our participants:

  • How do you help senior executives with the communication skills and habits they need to keep folks engaged?
  • To what degree is the research from neuroscience, behavior economics and social science which supports the significance of employee engagement cross-cultural?
  • What role do managers of people play versus senior leaders and HR types in employee engagement?

In case you missed it...
If you had registered for and could not attend the webcast, you should have received an e-mail with a link to the archive recording and supplemental slide deck.

We are always open and willing to discuss building employee engagement into the core of a business. Feel free to leave a comment below or contact us privately.

If you did not register but would like to hear the recording and receive the slide deck, contact jgold@on-the-mark.com for instructions.


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